Mawdesley War Memorial

The Parish Clerk as asked for quotes for re-painting and repairing   damaged or missing letters.  It was noted on inspection that the lettering on the first world war section was that of flush lead lettering which was in a very poor condition with many letters damaged and without the necessary lead inlay for painting.

Due to the condition of the lettering and the uneven and gouged surfaces of the lead it would almost be impossible to re-paint them to a satisfactory finish.

On the World War 2 section of the panel lead letters have been adhered to cover the original lettering with a number of them missing, this method would have almost certainly been done in an attempt to solve the same problems of the lettering on the World War 1 panel.  These raised letters will eventually fall off as there is no physical key to retain them, leaving this section in a poor state of repair just as the World War 1 section.

The original flush lead lettering method on granite is no longer carried out by masons, so there isn’t an option to rework the flush lead letters.

The Parish Council is looking for ideas on how to improve the War Memorial which will be discussed in more detail at the next Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 11th April 7:30pm Mawdesley Village Hall. All suggestions welcome



Village Events

One of residents Sid Ellis was 100 30th August 2017. There is a celebration from 2pm on the Millennium Green Saturday 2nd September 2017

Sunday 1st October 2017  Mawdesley’s 10K race
Sunday 12th November 2017. Remembrance Sunday.   Church Service commences at 11am at St Peters Cof E Church, High Street, Mawdesley. 
Rememberance Parade Sunday 12th November. Meet at the crossroads of Gorsey Lane and Smithy Lane at 14.40, for parade through the village to War Memorial for 15.00 service.